All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (2024)

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (1)

Red Death and Khvostov return alongside a sniper rifle that shoots Golden Gun shots

The new Exotics in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape and its connected episode, Echoes, are looking very unique. There’s a sniper rifle that lets any class shoot Golden Gun, a chest piece that lets you vomit rockets at enemies, the return of multiple beloved Exotics from the original Destiny, and more.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll show you all the new Exotics coming to The Final Shape and Episode: Echoes, tell you what they do, and how you can unlock them.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Exotics list

There are a lot of new Exotics coming to The Final Shape. Here’s a quick glance at all of them.

All Exotic weapons in The Final Shape

There are at least eight Exotic weapons coming in The Final Shape. As of this writing, it’s currently unknown how you can get your hands on most of these weapons, but we'll update this post once we locate them.


All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (2) Image: Bungie via Polygon

Type: Energy fusion rifle
How to get: Upgrade to the deluxe edition of The Final Shape

Tessellation is technically a Final Shape Exotic, even if it’s been available since 2023 for those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the expansion. And while upgrading to the deluxe edition is the only way to get this thing for the foreseeable future, it’ll eventually come to the Monument of Lost Lights, where you can use an Exotic Cipher and some currency to purchase it.

If you’re trying to decide if Tessellation is worth the deluxe upgrade, here’s what it does. The Intrinsic Exotic perk for Tessellation is Property: Undecidable, which causes the weapon to adapt its damage type to match your current grenade type, as well as grant bonus grenade energy on kills. This allows you to get Strand or Stasis weapons in your Energy slot for the first time ever, which should be very helpful for the new Prismatic subclass.

The secondary Exotic perk for Tessellation is Property: Irreducibile, which allows you to hold reload and suck your grenade into the weapon. You’ll then be able to fire that grenade out of your Tessellation, which creates an elemental explosion based on your grenade’s element.

The new expansion will also add a new Catalyst for Tessellation, which is still a mystery, but could introduce significant changes to the gun — like the Catalyst for Quicksilver Storm did back in Lightfall.

Red Death Reformed

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (3) Image: Datto via YouTube

Type: Solar pulse rifle
How to get: Season pass rank 1

Red Death Reformed is, as the name suggests, a remake of Red Death — a beloved Exotic from the original Destiny. Red Death Reformed also shares some similar functionality to the Exotic hand cannon Crimson (also designed after the original Red Death), and is a Solar pulse rifle that heals you whenever you kill enemies.

Red Death Reformed’s Intrinsic Exotic perk is Redemption, which causes final blows with the pulse rifle to Cure you and increase your reload speed. Reloading Red Death Reformed after you get a kill causes it to Cure nearby allies as well. The Inverse Relationship Exotic perk causes you to flinch less as well as gain increased handling and movement speed when you deal damage with Red Death Reformed. The Exotic pulse also deals more damage when your health gets low.

Based on testing at a preview event for The Final Shape, this pulse rifle its healing capabilities are very powerful, even when you’re playing by yourself. It’s a great pick if you’re struggling to complete an activity without dying, and you should consider using it in the Legendary version of The Final Shape campaign.

Still Hunt

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (4) Image: Bungie

Type: Solar sniper rifle
How to get:Wild Card” Exotic mission, pick up in The Lost City post-campaign

Still Hunt has three Exotic traits. Its Intrinsic perk is Cayde’s Retribution, which causes any Orbs of Power you collect or precision hits you land to charge Still Hunt’s Super meter. Once the meter is full, you can hold reload to fire three Golden Gun shots. These shots work just like Golden Gun for Hunters, meaning that each shot does more damage than the last, and it only fires one shot if you’re using the Exotic Hunter helmet Celestial Nighthawk.

Its other two Exotic perks are Golden Munitions, which causes the weapon to gain bonus ammo whenever you activate Golden Gun, and Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter gives Still Hunt bonuses to target acquisition, aim down sight speed, and flinch resistance. All of those bonuses are enhanced when the Golden Gun mode is active, meaning you’ll be able to hit your shots even if you’re under fire.

This weapon deals very impressive damage to majors, mini-bosses, and bosses.


All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (5) Image: Bungie

Type: Heavy Kinetic trace rifle
How to get:Convalescence: Budding” Exotic mission

Microcosm is a weapon of firsts in Destiny 2. It’s the first Heavy Trace Rifle in the game and it’s also the first Heavy weapon that does Kinetic — non-elemental — damage.

Its Intrinsic Exotic perk is Paracausal Beam, which causes it to fire a “beam of Kinetic light,” which deals bonus damage to shields. The other Exotic perk is Paracausal Imbuement, which causes kills with Microcosm to charge your Super bar. On the flip side, Microcosm will do increased damage for a short period of time once your Super expires.

The perks on the page don’t do Microcosm justice, as it hit like a truck even against a Master Lost Sector boss.

Khvostov 7G-0X

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (6) Image: Bungie

Type: Kinetic auto rifle
How to get: Exploring The Pale Heart for Lost Encryption Bits, Motes of Light, and Visions of the Traveler

Khvostov is an iconic Destiny weapon. The non-Exotic form is the first gun you pick up in both the original Destiny and Destiny 2, and it was also a fully customizable Exotic back in the first game. It’s finally back in Destiny 2 in its Exotic form, but has entirely new perks this time around.

Khvostov 7G-0X’s main perk is called The Right Choice, which causes every seventh bullet to ricochet between enemies and deal additional damage. Its Exotic Trait is Eyes Up, Guardian, which causes Orbs of Power to strengthen the bounce effect, giving you bonus bounces and damage. If that wasn’t good enough, it also comes with the Shoot-to-Loot perk.

This gun is very powerful, acting almost like a Kinetic Sunshot. It’s especially potent when paired with the new Prismatic subclass, as it can charge both your Light and Darkness Transcendence meters.

Ergo Sum

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (7) Image: Bungie via Polygon

Type: Special multi-element sword
How to get:Destined Heroes” Exotic mission

The Ergo Sum sword is one of the most unique Exotic weapons ever to come to Destiny 2. It’s the first Special ammo sword in the game, it can roll randomly with multiple elements, and it can get perks from other Exotic weapons on it.

Ergo Sum’s only consistent Exotic perk is Transcendent Duelist, which causes it to collect less ammo when walking over a Special brick, but also causes all kills to increase the Light and Dark Transcendent bar while using Prismatic. Ergo Sum also does increased damage while Transcendent and defeating enemies increases the length of that Transcendence.

The big appeal for Ergo Sum is that every roll also comes with an Exotic perk from another weapon, alongside a different sword frame. I’ve seen one version of Ergo Sum that shoots out Telesto bolts, and another that caused me to arc electricity to targets a la Riskrunner.

Euphony, the Exotic raid weapon

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (8) Image: Bungie via Polygon

Type: Special Strand linear fusion rifle
How to get: Random drop in The Final Shape raid, Salvation’s Edge

Euphony is one of only three Special ammo linear fusion rifles, and it’s the first Strand one. It’s also a three-round burst weapon. It drops randomly from The Witness when you kill it in Salvation’s Edge, and you only have one chance to get it per week per character.

Euphony’s Intrinsic Exotic perk is Unwound, which causes the gun to spawn Strand Threadlings when dealing sustained damage. Spindle is the secondary perk, which causes Threadlings damage to give Euphony a stacking damage buff.

For a special weapon, Euphony does a lot of damage. For non-Hunter classes, it’s one of the best damage options against The Witness in Salvation’s Edge, and has a lot of synergy with Strand builds. Swarmers Warlocks in particular will be able to make great use of Euphony in multiple different scenarios.

Exotic Episode: Echoes mission weapon

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (9) Image: Bungie

Type: Currently unknown
How to get: Episode: Echoes Exotic mission, name unknown

While Bungie hasn’t announced it yet, we know via the Episode roadmap that each new Episode will come with both an Exotic weapon (Red Death Reformed, in this case), and a new Exotic mission. That means that sometime before Episode: Echoes is over, we’ll be getting a Whisper, Zero Hour, Avalon, Starcrossed, or something in that vein. That means whatever this Exotic is, it’ll probably be craftable, and we’ll be able to earn new perks each week.

All Exotic armor in The Final Shape

Not counting the Exotic class items, there are six new Exotic armor pieces in The Final Shape — two per class. All six of these new Exotics will come from Rahool and his new Exotic-deciphering loyalty program. You’ll need to increase Rahool’s reputation in order to unlock them.

The Exotic class items allow Prismatic Guardians to mix the effects of two existing Exotics together, and won’t be available until after The Final Shape raid launches on June 7.

Wishful Ignorance

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (10) Image: Bungie

Type: Titan gauntlets
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Wishful Ignorance is called Wish-Dragon’s Talons, and it causes your Frenzied Blade to gain a fourth charge. While wearing this Exotic, your Frenzied Blade and Flechette Storm Aspect briefly increase their damage with each strike. Pulses from your Banner of War return melee energy to you based on how many allies you heal.

This Exotic has some massive implications for Strand Titans using both Banner of War and Flechette Storm. But the bonus Frenzied Blade charge and damage means that these might even be useful for Prismatic Titans, who don’t have access to either of those Strand Titan aspects.

Hazardous Propulsion

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (11) Image: Bungie

Type: Titan chest
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Hazardous Propulsion is Danger Close, which causes weapon precision hits or kills to have a chance to load Kinetic Exodus rockets into the chest piece. Whenever you use your class ability, you’ll fire any stored Exodus rockets, which home in on enemy targets. Dealing damage with your Exodus rockets give you a temporary buff that increases all rocket launcher damage.

This chest piece has a lot of potential for Titans. Not only do these rockets deal quite a bit of damage, but the boost to rocket launchers could seriously increase Titans’ DPS in boss fights.

Gifted Conviction

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (12) Image: Bungie

Type: Hunter chest
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Gifted Conviction is The Gift of Certainty, which causes you to unleash little Arc explosives whenever you activate Ascension or Tempest Strike. These explosives deal damage and Jolt targets. Jolting any nearby targets grants you increased damage resistance.

This chest piece plays nicely with Hunter’s new Ascension Aspect, which allows them to fly into the air. It also gives Hunters a nice defensive option while on Arc, as Jolt is a very powerful and common subclass verb.

Balance of Power

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (13) Image: Bungie

Type: Hunter legs
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Balance of Power is called Double Down, and it causes your Threaded Specter to last longer and have more durability. This enhanced Threaded Specter also releases additional Threadings when it takes damage. Finally, you won’t appear on any enemy radars when standing near your Threaded Specter.

This is more of a PvP Exotic than a PvE one, but it will definitely annoy any Crucible opponents you go up against as a Strand Hunter.

Speaker’s Sight

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (14) Image: Bungie

Type: Warlock helmet
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Speaker’s Sight is The Lost Voice, which causes your healing grenades to spawn a Restorative Turret. Healing allies has a chance to spawn an Orb of Power.

This Exotic could be very useful for Solar or Prismatic Warlocks looking to keep their teammates healthy. Healing grenades normally just give a single burst of healing to allies, but with Speaker’s Sight, Warlocks can lock down an area for a while by providing constant healing for their Fireteam.


All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (15) Image: Bungie

Type: Warlock chest
How to get: Rahool the Cryptarch

The Exotic perk for Mataiodoxia is Stylostixis, which causes any targets you damage with your Arcane Needle Strand melee to emit a Suspending burst when they die. If you land multiple Arcane Needles on a single target, an even larger Suspending burst will immediately occur. Killing any suspended targets grants you melee energy and your Arcane Needles can pierce Barrier Champions.

This Exotic gives Strand Warlocks some additional options for Suspending targets — something the class is already good at doing. But perhaps more importantly, it gives Prismatic Warlocks a reliable way to Suspend enemies since they don’t have access to a Suspend grenade.

Exotic class items

All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (16) Image: Bungie

Type: Titan mark, Hunter cloak, Warlock bond
How to get:Duel Destiny” secret Exotic mission

The Exotic class items are the only Exotic armor pieces you won’t be able to get from Rahool the Cryptarch this episode. Instead, they come from the secret Exotic mission in The Pale Heart, “Duel Destiny,” which you’ll only be able to do in a two-person Fireteam.

As for the class items themselves, they may have different names, but they all function the same. Each class item — Essentialism, Stoicism, and Solipsism — has random rolls, and each will get one Exotic perk in its first column and one in its second column. The idea is that these class items let you mix and match multiple Exotic effects together. The perk pools are (mostly) different between the three classes, and (mostly) contain effects belonging to Exotics from their particularly class — i.e. Titans typically will only be able to use other Titan effects.

The “spirit” versions of the perks on these class items aren’t the entire Exotic perks from the original Exotics, and are usually missing an effect. If you want to use Spirit of Abeyant on your Titan, for example, you’ll only get the three-pronged Suspending blasts from the Abeyant Leap Exotic. If you want to get Woven Mail whenever you Suspend an enemy — the other half of Abeyant Leap — you’ll need to wear that Exotic instead.

Finally, these Exotic class items only work while you’re using the new Prismatic subclass, so keep that in mind.

Below, here are the perk pools for each of the three Exotic class items:

Disclosure: This article is partially based on a Destiny 2: The Final Shape preview event held at Bungie’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, from May 14–17. Bungie provided Polygon’s travel and accommodations for the event. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here.

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All new Exotics in Destiny 2 The Final Shape (2024)


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