How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (2024)

In God of War 4, theNiflheimMistarmor, also known as Ivaldi’s Mistarmor, is arguably the strongest sheathing Kratos can adorn. Like any idealarmor, it boosts the god of war’s stats and provides health regeneration powers.

It’s an advantage that comes in handy, especially when Kratos is about to fight powerful bosses and gods. Additionally, theNiflheimMistarmoris helpful for players who’re braving the game in advanced difficulty modes like Give Me a Challenge or Give Me God of War.

Unfortunately, obtaining this particulararmorset isn’t a simple task. You’ll have to explore theNiflheimrealm and overcome difficulties while a dense, poisonous, and damaging mist surrounds you.Butthe upside is that it’s worth it.

To get the God of WarNiflheimMistarmor, you’ll have to unlock Ivaldi’s workshop, collect the pieces of his Rustedarmorand take them back to SindriHuldra. He’ll build it into a Mistarmorof your choice in exchange for some resources.


What resources do you need to successfully obtain Niflheim Mist armor?

I. Hacksilver

II. Mist Echoes

III. Niflheim Alloy

Where to find the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War?

Types of Niflheim Mist Armours

I. Deadly Mist Armour

II. Endless Mist Armour

III. Cursed Mist Armour

About God of War(2018)

What resources do you need to successfully obtain Niflheim Mist armor?

Apart from Ivaldi’s Rustedarmor, the resources you’ll need and ways to acquire them are as follows:

I. Hacksilver

You can set sail with Atreus to collect Aegir’s gold from the Lake of Nine, which you can later exchange for Hacksilver in Sindri and Brok’s shop. Selling unutilized artifacts from your inventory is another effective way of farming it.

Break objects like chests, pots, barrels, buckets, or crates and make sure to pick up the loot from slain enemies.

II. Mist Echoes

Mist Echoes are found only inNiflheim.

You can find them in various types of chests within Ivaldi’s workshop. Look out for the red and legendary chests as they contain relatively higher amounts of Mist Echoes.


This alloy is found only in theNiflheimmaze. The most reliable way of collecting it is by doing multiple runs in the realm, killing and looting enemies, and opening the legendary chests, preferably after the common ones.

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Where to find theNiflheimMistarmorin God of War?

How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (1)

To find the God of WarNiflheimMistarmor, you’ll have to find the key to Ivaldi’s workshop and travel toNiflheimusing the Realm travel room.

Before using the Realm travel room, you need to unlock it by collecting the four pieces of theNiflheimcipher. You can grab these ciphers from purple chests available throughout the campaign. But, the easiest way to find them is by completing the Return to The Summit mission.

Once you’ve collected all the four ciphers, use the Realm travel room to travel toNiflheim, where SindriHuldrawill be waiting for you. He’ll inform you about Ivaldi’s locked workshop and propose to make you a key in exchange for 500 Mist Echoes.

After accepting the wager, you’ve to move past Sindri. Then kill enemies, open chests to gather Mist Echoes, and repeat the process to gather an adequate number of resources.

However, remain cautious because if you expire, you’ll lose all the Mist Echoes you’vegathered.

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Types ofNiflheimMist Armours

In God of War, theNiflheimMistarmorconsists of three parts,namely,a chest plate, gauntlets, and a war belt. Following are the three types ofNiflheimMistarmors:

I. Deadly Mist Armour

How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (2)

This type of Mistarmorprovides the maximum boost for strength, runic, vitality, anddefensestats, along with a constant amount of health regeneration.

The Deadly Mistarmoris the best set in God of War though it requires a lot of resources to build and upgrade. It also slows down the harmful effects of theNiflheimmist.

II. Endless Mist Armour

How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (3)

This Mistarmorprovides no runic boost but increases strength,defense, and vitality stats. The Endless Mistarmorprovides lesser health regeneration benefits.

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III. Cursed Mist Armour

How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (4)

The Cursed Mistarmorprovides a bonus for all stats apart from vitality. This Mistarmorrequires the leastamountof resources to build and upgrade. Hence, its health regeneration properties are minimum.

Every piece of theNiflheimarmorwill start at level seven, and you can upgrade it up to level nine.Keep in mindthat thesearmorsrequire a lot of time and effort to upgrade.Thus, it’s wise to stick to one kind of Mistarmorthroughout a campaign.

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Before dying, Kratos’ second wife’s last wish is for her to be cremated at the highest peak of the nine realms. Therefore, with his son, Atreus, Kratos embarks on a difficult journey teeming with monsters and gods to fulfill his wife’s final request.

How to obtain the Niflheim Mist armor in God of War 4? (2024)


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