Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (2024)

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Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (1)

By Sherry Trautman

Cheboygan Michigan: Top Things to Do and See | Best Restaurants and Hotels

By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

Discover Cheboygan MI: A boaters paradise where nostalgia, stunning views and great times happen!

Located on the picturesque Straits of Mackinac,Cheboygan is a great place for a peaceful Michigan vacation.

This city has a comfortable, nostalgic, need to-be-explored feeling. We love the lighthouses, beautiful state park and trails for biking, hiking and snowmobiling. Plus there are some good eats!

Where is Cheboygan MI?

Map of Cheboygan Michigan

The City of Cheboygan Michigan is located in Northern Michigan along Lake Huron and the Straits of Mackinac. This lakeside town is a great place to visit when you are vacationing in northern Michigan. It's only 19 minutes to Cheboygan from Mackinaw City!

  • Cheboygan MI is 15.7 miles (19 minutes) from Mackinaw City
  • Cheboygan MI is 78.7 miles (1 hour, 22 minutes) from Alpena
  • Cheboygan MI is 279 miles (4 hours, 13 minutes) from Detroit
  • Cheboygan MI is 232 miles (3 hours, 32 minutes) from Grand Rapids
  • Cheboygan MI is 39 miles (53 minutes) from Petoskey
  • Cheboygan MI is 113 miles (2 hours) from Traverse City

Wander Downtown City of Cheboygan MI

Cheboygan Michigan

Cheboygan MI's quaint downtown area has shops, restaurants and cute parks to enjoy your Michigan vacation.

This park in downtown Cheboygan Michigan is a great place to wander, have a picnic and relax while enjoying the fantastic water views!

Isn't this boat phenomenal?

Enjoy Live Music in Downtown Cheboygan MI!

Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (6)Cheboygan Michigan

We had such a nice day exploring the parks and relaxing for a bit on the lawn to listen to free, live music! How many towns can you do that?

Downtown Cheboygan

See The City of Cheboygan's Bascule Bridge

Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (8)Cheboygan Bascule Bridge. Photo: Wikipedia

TheCheboygan Bascule Bridge, also known as theState Street Bridge,is a double-leafbascule bridgethat allows U.S. Highway 23(State Street) to cross the Cheboygan River.

Built in 1940, it was the last bascule bridge constructed in the state of Michigan prior to the end of World WarII. It replaced an agingswing bridgebuilt in 1877.

Did You Know?

The Cheboygan Bascule bridge is listed on theNational Register of Historic Places!?

Visit and Photograph the Incredible Cheboygan Lighthouses

Cheboygan Light House Map

Cheboygan Michigan's lighthouses are amazing! Above is a map we made to help you find this city's lighthouses.

Cheboygan Lighthouses-Front Range Light

Cheboygan Front Range Light-Located at 606 Water St. is such a pretty lighthouse! It's right of the main road on the way to the beach.

Cheboygan Lighthouses-Crib Light

Cheboygan Crib Light:This pretty lighthouse is right on the Cheboygan River at the mouth of Lake Huron. Very easy to walk to as there is a wooden path leading to the lighthouse from the parking area.

The lookout is ramped with a 6-foot-wide accessible path to the lighthouse.

Cheboygan Lighthouses

This is the Joseph F. Doyle Recreation Area in Cheboygan MI.Located at the north end of the City of Cheboygan with expansive views of Lake Huron and the Mackinaw Bridge.

The area includes soccer fields, Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse, Cheboygan County Marina with a boat launch and fish cleaning station.

Poe Reef Lighthouse, Cheboygan

Poe Reef Lighthouse-This historic landmark is located east of Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron.

Dig Your Toes in the Sand at Cheboygan Beach!

Cheboygan Michigan Beach

Gordon Turner Park in Cheboyganis a great place to hit the beach! There is a play area and the sand is soft. You can walk to the beautiful Crib Light (lighthouse) from the beach.

Location:1101-1183 N Huron St, Cheboygan, MI 49721

Enjoy the Cheboygan Opera House

403 N. Huron Street Box 95, Cheboygan,Michigan, 49721

This restored, vintage 1888, three-story, red brick Romanesque theatre has beautiful arched doors and windows. The opera house comes highly regarded for its fine acoustics. Open year round and hosts a variety of world renowned artists.

Go Hiking, Fishing and Camping at the Cheboygan State Park

4490 Beach Rd, Cheboygan, MI

Enjoy camping, hiking and fishing at the State Park located right on Lake Huron. There are five hiking trails ranging from .5 to 1.75 miles.

Stay in Cheboygan Modern Lodge, enjoy a rustic cabin or if you are feeling adventurous, stay in their tepee.A carry-in boat launch is located on Duncan Bay and fishing is available both on the bay and on Elliot Creek.

Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce is an Excellent Travel Resource

Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commercein Cheboygan, Michigan can answer any questions you may have while visiting this lovely Michigan lake town.

Address:124 N Main St, Cheboygan, MI 49721

Cheboygan Trails: Let's Get Outside! Perfect for Biking, Skating or Walking!

Cheboygan Trail Map

  • Grab more info and the map for the Little Traverse Wheelway,North Central State Trails,North Eastern State Trail,North Western State Trail and theHuron Sunrise Trail.

These trails are incredible for walking, running, biking and exploring. What a great Michigan family activity and chance to get outside!

Where to Eat in Cheboygan: Best Restaurants

Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (16)Cheboygan Brewing Company

So you've been hiking, exploring, sightseeing or snowmobiling all day and you need a good meal. We have a couple suggestions for you!

Cheboygan Brewing Company

We love this Cheboygan Brewery! Plus, there is indoor seating and outdoor seating! The upper deck is a great place to hang out and enjoy thegreat beer. Try their blood orange honey wheat at this northern Michigan brewery!

101 N Main St, Cheboygan, MI 49721

This Old House (We love family owned restaurants!)

Mmmm. They have pizzas, homemade lasagna, subs and more! They are famous for their pizza because they make their dough fresh daily and use fresh veggies, homemade sausage and cheese.

History: In 1976 Donald and Geraldine Dorey opened This Old House after retiring from the Detroit Fire Department. Don, while on the Detroit Fire Department, fell in love with cooking, so after his retirement he decided to open a pizza place with his wife and four children. How cool is that?!

112 Jackson St.

Pier M33

Looking for a little more upscale restaurant? This place is it. Pastas, salads, seafood, burgers and more! We love the option to relax and dine outside on their deck while watching the boats pass by in the summer is a treat. Try the Lobster Tots, Coconut Jumbo Sea Scallops or Prime Rib Sliders! Plus their desserts are to die for!

9500 M-33, Cheboygan, MI 49721

Where to Stay in Cheboygan

Best Western River Terrace

Rooms face the inland waterway so you will have a great view! There are balconies so you can enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the water! There's a very nice indoor pool and you will receive an included breakfast every morning.

Plus, if you didn't get enough exercise exploring Cheboygan, hop on a treadmill in the Best Western's gym!


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Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (17)Cheboygan Michigan

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Incredible Cheboygan MI: Top Things To Do, Lighthouses,Beaches, Hotels (2024)


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