MD Cash4Life Winning Number Results, Drawing Times, Rules & Payouts - MD Lottery (2024)

If you have been looking for an MD lottery game that can help you win big, you should consider Cash4Life. This is an exciting game that has lots of fans in Maryland.

It has at least two-lifetime prizes and overall odds of 7.76. In Maryland, the drawing time for this lottery game is 9.00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. You can win up to 1,000 per day for life from this game. Most people also choose to play this game since it has simple rules. You have to choose five numbers from 60 of them and a single cash ball number from 4 of them. Read on!

Introduction to Cash4Life

This is a multi-jurisdictional game that is available in different states, including Maryland. You can start playing Cash4Life from a reputable retailer in this state. One of the reasons why many lottery fans choose Cash4Life over other lottery games is because it gives them up to 7 chances of winning every week. The top prize in this lottery game is $1000 a day for life. This game also has a jackpot of $7,000,000.

For you to get a chance to win this game, you must first buy a ticket. The cost for each Cash4Life ticket is $2.00. Before playing any lottery game, you should find out its odds. The odds of winning a Cash4Life prize is 7.76. Since Cash4Life has greater odds than other MD lottery games, you can earn something from it.

The rules of playing Cash4Life

Cash4Life is a simple lottery game that only takes a few minutes to learn. Once you buy a Cash4Life ticket, you have to choose five numbers from a list of 1 through 60 on the payslip. Apart from the numbers, you should also select a single cash ball number from 4 of them. You can either choose these numbers yourself or use the quick pick option. Take your time to make your selections since you cannot cancel a Cash4Life ticket.

If you are buying a Cash4Life ticket from a retail location, you can tell the retailer the specific numbers you would like to choose so that they can mark the selections for you. As you play this MD lottery game, you can either pick the cash option or the annuity option. If you go for the annuity option but change your mind, you are free to switch to the cash option.

According to the rules of this lottery game, if you manage to match all the five numbers and the cash ball with the drawn numbers, you can win $1000 a day for life. If you match four numbers and the cash ball, you can win $2500 from this MD lottery game. There are also other ways of winning cash prizes in this MD lottery game.

The odds of winning and payouts

Five numbers and the cash ball$1000 per day for life1 in 21,846,048
Four numbers$5001 in 26,480
Five numbers$1000 a week for life1 in 7,282,016
Four numbers and the cash ball$25001 in 79,440
Three numbers$251 in 490
Three numbers and the cash ball$1001 in 1471
Two numbers and the cash ball$101 in 83

If different players win, the prizes are sometimes split. This game also offers different play options that you can pick from. For instance, you can choose to play the same numbers for different draws on one ticket. A multi-draw ticket gives you the opportunity of playing up to 26 draws on a single ticket. For every draw that you add, the price of the ticket will increase.

Some experienced players also choose to buy advance play tickets. If you are not new to playing this MD lottery game, you can buy such tickets for up 30 draws. You should also consider using the auto-renewal feature so that you can stay in this MD lottery game for long. This feature can prevent you from missing a draw.

Most people also choose to play this MD lottery game online since it is the most convenient option. This allows you to engage at any time you wish. Online lottery sites that offer this game also give you the chance to play from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Drawing times

This MD lottery game is drawn every Thursday and Monday at 9 pm. If you wish to play the game, you have to purchase a Cash4Life ticket any time before this time. Though the drawings are not televised, you can stream them online. This makes it convenient to follow up on the drawings. Jackpot winners are notified via email.

During the drawing, two machines are used. A large machine is used to mix the white balls by utilizing counter-rotating arms, while a small machine is used to mix the green cash balls. Five white balls are drawn, followed by a green cash ball.

How to claim

Once you win in Cash4Life, you need to find out how you can claim your prize. Ensure that you mark the winning Cash4Life ticket. You can include useful details at the back part of the ticket, including your name, phone number, and address. Doing this can prevent someone else from claiming your prize in case the ticket gets misplaced.

If you bought the ticket online and win, your prize will be paid to your account. You can then request a prize withdrawal using the preferred payment method. Alternatively, you can claim your prize at a retailer if you bought the Cash4Life ticket through a physical store. A retailer can either pay the prize by cash, money order, or check once they confirm the win.

Winners who make more than $600 through this MD lottery game have to complete a certain claim. You can get the claim form from an MD lottery retailer or online. Once you get the form, you need to fill it well, including all the required information. After this, you should mail the form together with the signed winning ticket to the address indicated on the form.

One can only claim the annuity second and top-level prizes by visiting the lottery headquarters. If you still have any questions regarding prize claims, you should get in touch with the lottery provider through the support options they offer. Most prize checks arrive a few weeks after the claim is received and validated. Ensure that you claim the prize within one year from the drawing. If you win a significant lottery prize from playing Cash4Life, you should expect to be taxed.


This MD lottery game has not only great odds but also two-lifetime prizes. Cash4Life is a simple MD lottery game that you should try playing. You only need to identify a suitable site, buy a ticket choose your numbers, and hope for the best. Pay attention to the rules of this game and follow the right procedure of claiming a prize if you win. Good luck!


How can I win in Cash4Life?

During the drawing, one green cash ball and five white balls are randomly chosen. If you match the five numbers and cash ball drawn from the set of balls, you can win the top prize in this game.

How long will it take for me to receive the top prize payment after winning this game?

This depends on the retailer you are working with. You should expect to receive the game’s top prize within 15 days after the drawing date.

MD Cash4Life Winning Number Results, Drawing Times, Rules & Payouts - MD Lottery (2024)


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